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“And Sew It Goes” Quilts!


Now that I have had my new fabric line “And Sew It Goes” for Blank Quilting on hand for a few days, I’ve been working on three quilts using the fabric. I’ve had the designs in my head for a while, so when the fabric came I was ready to start cutting and sewing.

I took the three quilt designs I stitched up over to Betty’s Quilting etc., my home quilt shop, and showed them off. My web goddess grabbed a camera and shot these pictures. It was suddenly mini-trunk show time!

Here’s the first quilt. I just knew I had to pull the sewing theme into at least one of my quilt designs. Spools seemed the obvious choice! Click on any of the images to see it bigger!

And Sew It Goes #1

And Sew It Goes #1

Here’s #2. I just love the way the pseudo-log-cabin-blocks really POP with this fabric.

And Sew It Goes #2

And Sew It Goes #2

And here is #3. Can you tell I am really enjoying myself?

And Sew It Goes #3

And Sew It Goes #3

In all the quilts, I used the 4 designs from my “And Sew It Goes” fabric line (see the fabrics up close in this blog post) and supplemented them with Fusion Illusion, also from Blank Quilting.

Here’s quilt #1 again…you can get a better of idea of what the fabric looks like “up close and personal.”

And Sew It Goes #1 up close

And Sew It Goes #1 up close

All these designs are now with the Graphics Art department at being turned into patterns as
we speak. I’m trying to refrain from bugging them everyday, but I can hardly wait!!! “Holler” to Judy and

I hope you enjoyed this little trunk show as much as I enjoyed presenting it! You can just bet I’ll let you all know when the fabric starts hitting the quilt shops and the patterns are available! Yippee!!!

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“And Sew It Goes” for Blank Quilting


My second fabric line, “And Sew It Goes” for Blank Quilting, should be hitting your favorite quilt shop soon.  Being the fabric’s designer, I get the fabric a tad sooner than the rest of the world.

Would you like to see what it looks like? Here we go. Drum roll please. Introducing “And Sew It Goes”….

Do you get it? “And SEW it goes”?? Yes, the pun WAS intended.

I’ve got three quilts in the works using these fabrics. I’m supplementing the 4 motifs with Fusion Illusion also by Blank Quilting. When I have them done, I’ll show you. Of course, there will be patterns to accompany these quilts published by

My 2010 wild ride continues! Who knew that my passion for color and quilting would turn into a terrific career! I am SO grateful!

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Pillowcases for a cause


My group of quilting buddies, The Ya Ya Sisters (as we call ourselves) get together once a month. At our February gathering, we picked a charity to contribute to for the year and decided upon the battered women’s shelters in the greater Rochester, New York area. Our intent is to make a large quantity of pillowcases and come this Fall, give them to the shelters along with toiletries. This effort ties in nicely with the American Patchwork & Quilting’s (APQ) 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.

American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge - Participating Shop. Click here to learn more.

At our March meeting, I demonstrated how to make a tube pillow case. We all made a few during the meeting and will continue to make more at home. If you don’t have a a pillowcase pattern, there are many sources for them on the Internet. Start with the plethora of patterns available at the APQ website!

These are some of the pillowcases we have made so far.

These are some of the pillowcases we have made so far.


Often people put the toiletries inside the pillow case, but our group decided to purchase some shoe box size plastic bins to give the residents for personal storage. That way they can use their pillow cases for a pillow!  The Ya Ya’s are going to spend the summer collecting these toiletry items. Every time we go shopping, we will pick up a few toiletries. Doing it piecemeal will help to spread the cost out. We also decided it might be nice to pick an age bracket and throw in some items that would delight someone in that age bracket.  Women’s Shelters house more than women. The children that sometimes end up in the shelters would certainly enjoy a coloring book and crayons, a stuffed animal or something similar.

Storage Bins like this will be used for the toiletries.

Storage Bins like this will be used for the toiletries.

I’ll let you know in September the results of our efforts. As a group, the Ya Ya’s have years of sewing experience. Using our talents to make someone’s life a little better is the least we can do.

If you are looking for a service project for YOUR guild, group, quilt shop, Girl Scout troop, I would highly recommend a service project such as this. Pay it forward!

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