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My date with Mark Lipinski

I had a date with Mark Lipinski recently. Well, it was a phone conversation, but in my little world I consider that a date. An hour with Mark is something special. We had met before at Quilt Market, but this was a chance for some one-on-one time with him.



Fabric Trends Winter 2011

Fabric Trends Winter 2011

So what was the occasion? Are you ready for this? I am featured in the Winter 2011 issue of Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends!

Included is Mark’s interview with me, my Florentine Fancy fabric line for Blank Quilting due out in the Spring, plus a pattern. OMG!!!

Florentine Fancy

Florentine Fancy - White Focus

Florentine Fancy – White Focus

Florentine Fancy - Black Vine

Florentine Fancy – Black Vine

How does a conversation with Mark go? It was quite enjoyable! We spent an hour talking and touched on more than my upcoming fabric line (which he called “adorable” by the way). I was amazed at how much we have in common. We both have adopted children, love watercolors, do cross stitch, and of course quilting.

Mark’s questions regarding creative mental blocks and creative outlets and creative explorations made me think about all these aspects of my journey. It was a form of self exploration which I found interesting because we don’t often spend time exploring ourselves. It was more than an interview to me. It was a sharing of similarities. For the details, you will have to read the article in the magazine, available now!  I’m shouting it from the roof tops!

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