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Seasons change….


Last week we had a few nice days of Indian Summer. This is what I was doing….

Our Summer Living Room

Our Summer Living Room

I know what you are thinking….”Where is Barb and what is she doing?” In the summer we clear the vehicles out of the garage and create our Summer Living Room. We have some extra comfy chairs and a swing. And these we arrange around a double mattress that servers as an ottoman/coffee table. With the double wide garage door open, it provides us a great view of the yard, lets in the summer breezes, and basically gives us a place to chill out. It doesn’t take much to make us happy.

So let’s fast forward to this week. There is frost on the ground this morning, we had graupel coming down on Sunday on the poor trick or treaters; Winter is rearing its ugly head. So this is what I look like now.

Custom Rag Quilt

Custom Rag Quilt

This is a rag quilt I stitched together for myself with a couple of twists. It has a built in hood to keep my head warm, the sides flip over my arms to hold in the heat from the side, and the bottom is actually a pouch to slip my chilly toes into. It has an optional lap heater named “Murphy”. This is how you will find me on cold evenings. My hands are free to work on the binding of my latest project and I stay plenty warm. Take that Snuggie!!! I hope you are staying warm where ever you are!

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