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Things are happening in Barb-land these days. I can’t reveal all I’ve got going on just yet. Patience! (Mostly on my part.) But I will share this with you!

I do enjoy painting. There is something so soothing and relaxing about it. The house is quiet…mostly quiet anyway, until Murphy the Wonder Dog imagines he sees something outside that I need protecting from. I sit at my painting table right under a west facing window and I create. I enjoy it even more when there is the promise of it turning into a fabric line!
I don’t know if you frequent the Blank Quilting website. I do…and I am pleased to say that my latest contribution to their line of fabrics is right there on their home page under “Newest Collections”. May I introduce you to Froggles!

Meet the Froggles!

Meet the Froggles!

I spent last Fall working on these little guys. It was a lot of fun creating each one and giving them some personality.

Picking up on all the flowers surrounding my new BFF’s, I created this floral.

Floral Print for Froggles

Floral Print for Froggles

Next was the stripe. My mind was racing with possibilities for using this stripe. Fortunately, it is NOT named “Racing Stripe.” (Sorry…couldn’t resist the pun.)

Froggles Stripe

Froggles Stripe

Finally, I have four muted solids. I just love them!

This fabric line will be in stores the summer of 2010.  And, of course, I’ll have some patterns coming that will highlight this fabric!

On that note, it’s back to my home office. I just spent 8 hours working on some projects in EQ7. That length of time on a computer is insane for me! But it’s a hint of what’s coming……

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